The history of Grltee’s small business dates back to 2007, when we designed our clothes and sold them to our relatives, close friends, neighbors and co-workers. The name Grltee itself is inspired by women activists who have the power to fight for women.

But it wasn’t until 2020 that we decided to sell our designs on T-shirts online via the website. at that time our income was very poor, and we needed to have additional income to pay for our house expenses. During this time, I was doing the whole process myself.

A few months later I started adding other family members to help with the business, including my brother who helped with screen printing. A year later my daughter and sister were brought in to help with packaging and shipping. Over the years we have learned so much, made mistakes that we will be careful not to repeat and to get better.

Now we already have several employees who are reliable in their fields, from designers, printing machine operators, packaging, quality checkers, and others. So that our work and orders from many people can be delivered quickly.

It was a simple way to express my creativity through T-shirts and Premium Gifts, Quality Graphics. More than 3000 customers who are satisfied with our prints and designs. This makes me very grateful and happy to know that so many people consider my T-shirt design to be a gift to someone they love or to themselves.

I am very proud of my work and support my product 100%. I want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and if you have a problem or concern with your order, just send me a note and I will do anything to fix it.

If you have a question or request do not hesitate to contact us below.


50 Franklin Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205
United States
Phone: 718-455-2280
Email: [email protected]